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Today’s topic – “Healthy Smoothie”

I do recommend “Smoothies” to a lot of my patients, it is an easy way to prepare a quick breakfast, get the adequate amount of protein, increase your vegetable, fibre intake and so much more.

General rule to prepare a healthy smoothie:

1. 1/3 of the smoothie should be liquid, choose from:
– filtered or still mineral water;
– coconut water;
– almond, hazelnut, soya milk and etc.


2. 1/4 vegetables, choose from:
– spinach;
– kale;
– broccoli;
– cauliflower;
– lettuce;
– cabbage;
– celery;
– small amount of root vegetables as carrot, beetroot;
– cucumber and etc.

3. 1/3 fruits, choose from:
– pineapple;
– apple;
– banana;
– fresh or frozen berries;
– mango;
– lemon;
– melon and etc.

4. Always add PROTEIN:
– protein powder, if you don’t want to use it, choose nuts and seeds instead.

5. You can also add some additional ingredients:
– Maca powder
– Spirulina
– Cinnamon
– Honey
– Chia seeds
– Flax seeds
– Turmeric
– Coconut oil

6. Ice cubes (it is not necessary, but I personally prefer it cold).

Enjoy and share your experience!!!