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Nika K• Working on my health and nutrition with Tautvile was a wonderful experience. Our initial consultation felt very though and in depth, which instilled in me a confidence and instant trust to follow all the instructions to come, no matter how inconvenient or unexciting they sounded. Although changing certain ‘ unhealthy’ eating habits felt like work, I must say I wasn’t asked to do anything radically different, and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of favorite food groups I was encouraged to keep. What was especially great was the the amount of healthy fats and protein I was to consume, which meant I wasn’t ever ‘hungry’ or feeling deprived, as a result I found it relatively easy to stick to the plan for many months were as previous treatments I had tried in the past decade, and trust me there have been a lot, I would abandon after the initial buzz of a new treatment wore off. I really loved learning about our biology and the digestive system, as I believe this knowledge in essential throughout life. As well as a carefully designed eating plan, I also got lots and healthy lifestyle recommendations and practices to try, which were very beneficial. After a few months I was advised to start re introducing various food groups, and now a year later I stick to a very simple to follow eating plan and feel fantastic!  I would, and have recommended a few friends and family members to see Tautvile, she is super passionate, very caring and awesome to work with ! – “Nika, Los Angeles”


• I have been struggling with my weight almost all my adult life. Being in the medical profession I tended to use low calorie diets which and have been generally successful in losing weight. One main drawback however, was being hungry during these diets. When I went back to normal eating my weight crept up slowly and I needed to restart dieting.I finally decided to seek advice from a nutritionist and was lucky to meet Tautvile. Her well-rounded knowledge and enthusiasm were tremendous and gave me great confidence in following her system. Tautvile designed a tailored plan for me with a variety of tasty food but best of all I was not hungry during dieting. I effortlessly got to my target weight and have maintained it for more than 6 months. I cannot recommend Tautvile highly enough. She changed my understanding of dieting altogether and I will always be grateful to her. – “HS, London”


• I write this with great pleasure and gratitude. You shared a wealth of knowledge and information in our sessions. You were very professional and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Our sessions were extremely productive and positive. You helped me understand my nutritional needs and worked with me to find easy ways to manage my intolerances.  Our sessions were Interactive and your detailed follow-up plans helped me develop a new way of life and wellbeing. I still follow your detailed plans and suggestion and must say so far have keep me disciplined. I am now in a good position health wise and for that I am very grateful for our chanced meeting a year ago. Thank you and good luck as you go on to the next phase of your practice. Please keep me updated on your progress so I know where to go should I encounter any difficulties in the future. – “Roseanne, London”


• Working with Tautvile has been a great experience. Her extensive nutritional knowledge (which was evident from our very first session) has allowed her to fine-tune a program to my specific needs and goals. After just a few days of following her recommendations, I had more energy, better concentration and a deeper understanding of how my body reacts to different foods. In addition, her holistic approach to the sessions means that she has been able to provide me with advice not only in relation to nutrition, but also general wellbeing and relaxation techniques. Finally, her friendly demeanour makes her very easy to get along with. She is always happy to help with queries (whether during or in-between consultations) and has a great work ethic, meaning that I can always be confident that her advice will be practical and well thought out. – “Andrew, London”


• I saw Tautvile for three sessions to help me manage psoriasis and digestion issues I had experienced recently. The sessions left me with a better understanding of which food groups and recipes could best meet my needs, practical suggestions for meals that I could make for myself, and some key principles that I could apply to my nutrition choices in the future. – “Michael, London”


• My experience with Tautvile was one of the most comfortable and easy to communicate consultations. I could feel genuine interest radiating from her. She created a well tailored diet plan for me, thank you! It has been pleasure to follow your advise. – “Svetlana, London”


• I found Tautvile’s help extremely useful in transforming my eating habits. Her recommendations were easy to follow and took into consideration my health conditions, personal goals and other circumstances such as my daily routine, likes/dislikes and local availability of various products. Tautvile’s educated guess of my potential vitamin D deficiency appeared to be spot on following a blood test, and I am successfully addressing it with her  help now.  Finally, Tautvile is a pleasure to speak to and always provides arguments and facts for all her suggestions, which is very important for me. I would recommend Tautvile to anyone who is keen to improve their eating habits and health but do not know where to start. – “Marius, London” 


•  In December 2015 I developed a bacterial infection in Sri Lanka and I was put on strong antibiotics when I returned to the Uk. This made me quite sick, with acute eczema, asthma, bad stomach pains and intollerance to a few foods. I lost quite a lot of weight, too. I endured this for a while until I started seeing Tautvile in August 2016 ,and she put me on a strict food programme for about 4 months. I was food intollerant to a few things and I cut them out from my diet.  She  recommended vitamins and oils, seeds etc, and I had to cut wheat, sugar, eggs and dairy out of my diet as well as coffee, and moderate my alcohol intake. It is March 2017 and my eczema has disappeared, I can have coffee and my appetite has returned. Of course I have to be careful but I am a lot better. Tautvile is an excellent nutritional therapist, and is meticulous, very professional and caring. I highly recommend her. You may need a few appointments to see the difference but it is well worth it! – “Joseph, London”